Advanced Circuit Training


The above tuition includes:

  • 10 minute sessions with Mistresses (10-15 you choose)
  • Message forum interaction and instruction with your Head Mistress
  • you will be billed at the regular rate of 2.75 per minute for any exceeding time
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“Advanced Circuit Training” – Your Cock Belongs to Us!

If you submit yourself to Cock Control’s Advanced Circuit Training, you will endure teasing and denial at its best. Here’s how it works:

1. Select the Cock Control Mistress who you wish to be your Headmistress for your circuit training

2. Contact the Mistress by email or phone and request her supervision for your training

3. If she agrees, you will begin your training

4. You will be required to have a ten minute teasing and denial session with each participating Cock Control Mistress, which could be anywhere from 10 to 15 Mistresses. Your Headmistress will provide you with a list of each of the Mistresses who will participate in your training. If you wish to have extended teasing and denial sessions, you may do so if your Headmistress approves. Extended sessions will be billed at the regular rate of 2.75 per minute. The assigned 10 minute sessions will be included in your training fee.

5. We will create a private forum for you on the Cock Control message boards, which only you and the Mistresses will have access to. You may also decide to have your forum made public, so that other visitors of our site may view your progress and share in the fun. It’s your choice (unless you choose to have your Headmistress decide.

6. Each day you will post your masturbatory activities, and your thoughts and feelings of your denial experience. The Mistresses will post responses, tips, advice, and teases for you in your forum. If you had a session on the day of posting, you will share your thoughts and feelings about the day’s session.

7. You will not be allowed to have an orgasm until you have had a session with each of the participating Mistresses.

8. If one of the Mistresses included in your training is unavailable, you will just have to wait until she IS available.

9. If we choose to make ourselves unavailable in order to prolong your suffering – so be it!

10. Once you have completed the circuit, you MAY be allowed to orgasm during the final session with your Headmistress. If she wishes to invite other participating Mistresses to participate in the call, then she will make arrangements for that. If she selects to have other Mistresses participate, then all Mistresses will vote on whether you are allowed to finish. If your Headmistress decides that there will be no other Mistresses involved in your final session, then she will determine whether you are permitted to orgasm during your final session. So it is in your best interest to be at your most impressive during your training, so that your Mistresses will vote to allow you to orgasm!

This process can take anywhere from a week to a month or more, depending on your schedule, the Mistresses’ schedules, and your own endurance for teasing. As your training progresses, your Headmistress may decide to prolong your training for as long as she wishes, and may space out your phone sessions in any way she likes.

So – are you man enough to endure The Circuit? Visit the Mistresses’ page to select your Headmistress if you think you are.

Training Tuition:

10-12 participating Mistresses: $350

13-15 participating Mistresses: $425

Your tuition is billed at the start of your training, and in most cases will be non-refundable. If extreme circumstances arise that prohibit you from completing your training, you may appeal to Ms. Ally ( for a prorated refund, if she determines that your circumstances warrant it.

Additional information


You MUST contact your Mistress before purchase

If you and/or your Mistress decide that you need additional training, you will be billed at the regular rate of 2.75 per minute for time exceeding the above tuition plans


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